Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty? I say neither, instead let’s just drink up!

Does anyone else find it amazing of all the mixed emotions in yourself and others while you sit in rush hour traffic. My 30-minute weekend drive usually goes between 1 – 1 ½ hours. As I do this day in and day out and get that pain in the neck, anxiety and anger building up as I inch and then just sit there. Turning on the radio listening to some of R n B.

Now, this isn’t the only thing I feel, if I am sitting longer that 2 minutes, I start to worry about who is ahead of me. Is there an accident and if so I start to feel extremely remorseful for my anger? Thus, causing my guilt, and no I am not catholic. But I sure do pray as I sit there. I see people scooting as close as they can to the car in front of them so others can’t move over to get out of the way.

This was happened to me today and I found the humor was about 10 cars up in my lane was the accident while the other two lanes were inching and stopping then inching again. The guy next to the car in front of he got so close to the car in front of him so no one could merge. I mean what is going on these days, merge one then moves one, merge one then move one. The concept is so simple. Okay as you read any of my blogs you will see me digressing and using the phrase “squirrel/ball”

Moving on, as he moved forward, I see that all stops come to a stop and no one was now allowed to move. 2 minutes later our row starts moving. I look over and he slams his fist on his steering wheel. Can I say karma.

I have seen several bad accidents in my life, everything from finder benders, severe injuries, up to death and if we can all breath, we will help everyone else in the same position. I keep telling myself that I am being petty because I know I will make it to where I am going, while the person in the accident has just change their day for the worse. Lastly, I know that rather than being in a bad mood I need to hold up a glass and just drink (Okay, metaphor going on here).  Drink rather than looking at a half full glass rather than a half empty. Shoot, again, just take a drink. Drink when aren’t driving though!

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