Mimi and Her Fat

How is it as a Mimi my 3 ½ year old grandson gets in the pool with me and starts jiggle my belly.

I mean really, my belly. Okay, I know at 54 I have put on a little extra weight and I keep looking in the mirror. Telling myself I’m going to do something about it but look at me now. Get my belly jiggled. What I do is thinking that doing a couple spot exercises and use my DB method. Oh yes, I am going to tone and lose weight in 2 days.

After all his laughing I went to head and decided to make the cabbage soup. Now my idea of cabbage soup contained cabbage of course, carrots, onion (does anyone else have the stink of onion finders afterwards? Ugh!), moving on, chicken bouillon, parsley. Now my version has one thing no other recipe I found has, bacon. For all the bacon lovers it makes the taste much better. I am not even a bacon person but happy when I add it. The aroma and taste are wonderful.

This Mimi, at 54, has stated I am going on a diet, so my grandson stops grabbing my stomach. However, I love food, the insanity of it all. Anyways in about a month or so I’ll post a conversation on how much I have lost or gained. Hopefully he won’t be grabbing my stomach anymore, making the squishy squishy sound. Now this is Mimi’s (my) life on this wonderful Tuesday night.

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