Creating a life of joy

Feelings can be a fickle thing, boy oh boy mine make it a habit to be as fickle as they come. I mean really I laugh at the silliest things that others raise an eyebrow. I mean watch out if I trip over the carpet I might pee my pants but tell a joke that others are laughing hysterically, probably won’t hear a chuckle. The joy I create is a bit of the odd duck syndrome. Loving my differences takes a lot but it is my joy

I am trying to achieve. I think letting another decide my joy and when I should bust a gut just isn’t going to ever be me. Is it my past? Could it be my life’s trials and tribulations? Naw, it is because I have never been a person that fits into the box. If I don’t challenge the status quo I wouldn’t be me. Creating my joy is just that my joy! I say be who you want to be… wear those polka-a-dotted rain boots and run throttle puddles, it’s okay to be a bit goofy, crazy, and funny!

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