Is insomnia a trait of mental illnesses? It can be. It can be a sign of bipolar, thyroid issues, stress, and many other things. I am sure I could spend the next couple of hours coming up with scientific data talking all about the reasons. I have been told to take melatonin or rub lavender oil on the bottom of my feet. Nope, didn’t work and the oils made my dog run her noise all over the carpets. Yes, picture it if you will, however, at 1 or 2 in the morning and you need to be up at 4:30 it can be a bit to much. What’s next, white noise, no noise? How about ear plugs and a eye cover?

Hot tea, or the medicine I was prescribed? No to it all, not to mention by the time so realize I can’t sleep the medicine would start to work when I need to be up for work. So, you may ask, what do I do? Plan out my day, talk to myself (that one is pretty fun), and commercial ads. Yes laugh it up, my kids banned me from the last one. Sliced and dicer, newest hair dryer or iron, or what about the cooking gadgets.

Let me say you will run out of room. One night I ended up with the 49.99 a month for a gym set that ended up being a clothes rack. So what ever your choice of poison just remember to drink a lot of black coffee, caffeinated tea, or even a Frappuccino. Oh yes, and good luck! I know I sure need it.

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