Saddened over the affairs of the past weeks

I don’t want nor believe the blogs I will post will be filled with political rhetoric. I am here to help with mental and physical health and wellness. With that said, I want to take time to share in the feelings of sadness for the place and world in which we live. It is at these times depression, sadness, and anger can intertwine. Shootings, stabbings, taking parents from children, animal and child abuse, and so on resonates in my soul and heart in a degree that it is hard to breathe. These are the times empathy and emotions can run high.

It takes me days to get through the feelings making me no go for anyone. If anyone else is having a hard time take a moment to find the center point of your feelings, talk through it with someone who will listen (not make these negative feelings worse), and finally know that your life is important and if you want to make a change than get out and help or focus on your well being. We still have those who are selfless and caring.

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