Think I am making myself fat

Here I am saying I am going to drop 20 pounds Here I am saying I am going to drop 20 pounds and find myself drinking my favorite drink, Pepsi and snaking on vanilla wafer cookies. YES sugar… Okay, so this is making me too tired to even exercise so I will have to have this blog help me along. If you remember a few posts back I had been in love with a man. Let me tell you I was in love with how I was feeling. I need to loose this weight and tighten myself up. I know I am older (5 years to be exact) and that after 50 you gain at about 10 pounds a year, I guess I will knock of 2 years and hope my face tightens up in the process. How am I going to keep this up? How am I going to let my PTSD, anxiety, depression take a back set when all I like to do is give excuses for why I just climb in bed after I spend the day at work or the weekend cleaning and every other weekend taking my grandson somewhere.

I would hope running around with a 3 ½ year old would drop off the pounds but no, not even close. So I would say you have to start somewhere, right? Tomorrow, Sunday, August 10th I will get on my treadmill and/or eliptical to give it at least 10 minutes, then I will climb up on my DB method and follow it up with some stomach exercises. Pray for me, it will take more than just my words to make it through. Well lets hope these things will get me motivated. You know they do say inorder to climb out of the deep hole it is one step at a time and one step to a better life. I will leave you all this quote,

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” – Ernest Hemingway Here I am saying I am going to drop 20 pounds

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