Not another migraine!

Migraines are the worst when you are stressed. Well they are the worst in general. I have lived with them for years and the migraines have gone from the start of pain and the starts can last for a few days to full on nausea and issues with lights with a lot of tears. Migraines come from neurological issues and can be triggered by many things. A few of these are created by stress, mental issues, pregnancy, lights, technology items (computers, cell phones, tv’s) and many more.

My migraines come from stress and muscle tension related with stress. I have always worked with organized chaos and it drives me. The problem comes on the back end. I have ulcerative colitis and the issues with this causes intense migraines during episodes.

Medical issues can lead to other medical issues and the same goes with the medicines you take for one thing can create issues with something else. I was given shots in the past, but the shots made me violently ill, which made me revert to over the counter medication, a dark room, and soothing sounds of rain and thunder.

Taking a journey to getting better is part of life and like most anything the way you succeed is by persevering. I think doing this for medical issues is part of the equation. Once I realized the medicine world was not ideal in keeping migraines at bay I also checked into holistic items as well.

I suggest anyone going through anything medical should not just talk with the doctor’s office but look at some holistic changes. Food, behaviors, lotions, essential oils, and if your state has medical or legalized marijuana (if your over 18).

Many foods should be avoided to keep migraines at bay and even stop them. Such items should be avoided from MSG, cold foods including cold drinks, and dairy. Drinking some caffeine or eating ginger can help. However, too much caffeine can cause major migraines when cutting off caffeine. This is usually done through sodas, coffee, tea, and energy drinks.

Acupuncture and acupressure have been known to relieve many ailments including migraines. Essential oils such as lavender and peppermint are helpful through rubbing the bottoms of your feet, putting on your temples, and diffusers.

Just relax clear out the noise from your head and your room, turn off all technology devices, and make your room dark. Then you can take on the items above whether it is from your doctor, holistic approach, or your own remedies.

Breath until I post again.

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