Just to get up and eat

Just to get up and eat seems like a task. I look at my dog who is sitting on my bed whining. I want to shew her away and then feel like I should yell at her because she is bothering me. I catch myself because she then cuddled up next to me, as if she knew I needed comfort. Comfort from what though, I am doing fine, I mean starting to live paycheck to paycheck doesn’t seem fine, However, I know I will be good. It is the issue I have on a regular basis. It comes from stress, loneliness, fear of being alone when the kids move out, and I think anything else I have no clue about. Back to the fact that the task at hand is to get up.

During the week I have work that gets me up, no matter the thoughts. Then why I ask myself, do I find the weekends are incredibly hard? This must be fixed; I think to myself. That seems like the result but what about the fact that I need to get there. Based on my doctors, my family, my friends, and what I have read; I need to put myself in the shower and start from there. Shower it is, the water makes me feel better, but my body makes it worse. My mind wanders back and forth about when I didn’t have the weight I see around my mid-section and wonder why I can’t do what I need to do to get rid of it. For God sakes, I have a treadmill and elliptical in my front room facing the window, so I have a view.

I get irritated and somehow it doesn’t get me to work out it makes me start to clean. Not as many calories are burned but my house is getting cleaned. I start the laundry, the dishes, dust, and vacuum. What is happening? I am getting up, I am cleaning, and I am eating. Some how I took over the feelings of depression and fueled it with irritation and anger. Not the best way to switch out, but I can figure out the irritation and anger better than I can figure out the depression. The irritation and anger come from my shorts being a bit to tight and the infamous “muffin top” climbing over the top of my shorts. Okay, I think, force yourself by having your son tell you to work out every day when I get home. Then when my grandson is here, I need to make sure he rides his bike with me in tow, walking briskly behind him. The relationship I have with my grandson I think of the relationship I had when my kids were little.

All these thoughts take the irritation and anger down to a smile of how he makes me both crazy and happy. Just as easy as the depression, irritation, and anger comes, the happiness takes over. I believe that changing your thoughts can help change your current mood. The times that this won’t work is when you have a medical condition that makes it hard to do this.

Seeking a doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist would be the next step if it continues to get worse. Sometimes it could be a medication you are on or need that can create these issues. In my life I have visited all three. I did learn some techniques and one of the best ones is to find a happy time and start to think of all the things that made it happy. Doing this can help paint a picture that takes your mind to a different area.

Based on Webmd.com they have 9 things that can be done to help reduce depression without medication, again this is if you don’t have a medical issue.

1. Get a routine

2. Set goals

3. Exercise

4. Eat healthy

5. Get enough sleep

6. Take on responsibility

7. Challenge your rational of thoughts

8. Do something new

9. Have fun!

Any one of these can seem challenging but if just one step forward can move you to a happier life. Everyone, has bad days but depression is beyond that,

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