Creating Joy in the Workplace

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At my current employer I have a group of 7 that I lead. This means that I help, train, guide, coach, and be a cheerleader for them. I am very happy to have my career and even happier to have those that are willing to give me their best day in and day out. As with most organizations grow and transform, we are asked to transform and bend. This is how companies survive market trends and changes that are created around the world. My team, even when I push, have been willing to grow.

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I was excited that I was able to hold a team huddle to express how they are doing, how excited I am to see their growth, and just how grateful I am to be apart of the transition.  They were able to do more than the previous weeks and it was showing. When the Director was walking by and I explained how excited I was for my team and she was just as excited. We will continue to show our commitment and it can get so much better. .

When employees hear do this and do that on a regular basis and not understanding the reasons it can feel disheartening, even thought that is not what the leaders are trying to do or show. We can as leaders have so much on our plates we can get lost in the weeds and the people we work with can become exhausted and less than. I believe it is important to thank those you are demanding so much from. As the team lead, I can do a small amount and our management teams acknowledgement goes much further.

No matter where you in your career, no matter where you are in your personal life, giving back to those around you with kind words and gestures can go so far and do so much for everyone.

It has taken me a long time to find a way to work with different personalities and at the end of each day know we have taken steps forward to create a stronger team.

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