Someone Else’s Life

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Have you ever dreamed to live someone else’s life? I must say I have throughout my life. As a child I was able to travel the world with my parents, but we moved all the time. My dad was a fighter pilot and we moved in Japan, Europe, and state side. Because of this I was around adults more than kids, I was trying to get new friends every stop. As an adult, I have moved 16 times in 36 years, and I have had my kids move 7 times in the past 24 years. Lucky enough for my kids during their school years they only moved within 2 states and lived in the same neighborhoods, so they were around their same friends.

Looking at this pattern of out of sight out of mind I tend to wonder how much better it would be to have lived in one place growing up, I have lifelong friends. Maybe, I would have more adult friends because I would be able to have long friendships rather than not care if I don’t talk to someone. It causes me to have the ability to break away from someone who has wronged me rather than find a way to resolve the conflict.

I look at families that seem to have it all, the parents have lifelong friends, the kids grow up and have lifelong friends, and they all get together for those huge parties in the summer. Then I wonder how happy are they? Do they have problems I can’t comprehend because I don’t have these types of memories and behaviors? I think how great some people I know are, on the exterior, then later find out about their family behind the four walls. Nothing like the picture they paint. Then I wonder who really has it better?

I would like to put together a fairytale life, but we can’t ever have that. At the end of the day I must be happy with how I live and maybe I am in the better boat.

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