Singing Until the Cows Come Home

Who sings? Well, I can’t sing a lick. I try and then I shiver if I think anyone has heard me. I turn up the music, sing up a storm, and it sounds great in my own ears. I am intrigued to know how many people in our big world can carry a tune. To me, I am pretty sure there are more shower & car singers than the real deal. I would say the real deal are the ones who can belt out a tune knowing that if they played it back would either laugh or hide under a blanket.

So, what is my idea of good music, one might ask. Anything with a good beat and vocals. I am not a true hard rap or screaming rock gal. Pull up a good classic rock, a great R and B, or even a bit of country. I can even say I enjoy Jazz, Pop Rock, and even some classical.

Always curious as to why someone picks a style and what it means? I was raised on classical. When I was an early teen, I was all about classic rock. The rock side was developed from high school. My friends weren’t in clicks, we were brought together by our own walk.

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What caused me to move into the R and B world? Prince, Andre Simone, Jacksons, Michael Jackson, and so many more. This has developed into a true love with the 70’s and 90’s is my true joy. How interesting I decided to say country. This is a new endeavor.

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I find that the words and what the meanings stand for hit home for me. This leaves me with the idea of why the music industry isn’t crossing over more. That might seem taboo, but I am okay with it.

If you want to leave a comment leave it with a genre or a group, you would sing to until the cows come home.

One thought on “Singing Until the Cows Come Home

  1. Well I have been singing since 5 or 6 years old with momma sisters and brothers. We you to have a gospel singing family group. I went on in my teens to sing with some church friends. We started a boy group and we song with Al Green and Rev. Shirley Caesar and a few more groups. Now and then now I sing when I am a lone. It’s a wonderful feeling that’s make me feel good when I am down in the dump.

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