Trying to Avoid My Doctors!

I have tried to avoid my doctors for several months, even though I hadn’t had my thyroid medicine the past few weeks and realize after having labored breathing I must get in. Taking the day off I was on the West side of Phoenix at 9 am. At this my Doctor was unhappy with my blood pressure, which was in the hypertension range, going from low blood pressure. My next jump was across town an hour away to get labs done prior to an endocrinologist. The next jump was back to the West side to get x-rays of my chest.

At the end of the movement I was a bit over it all but know that the next appointment, which is next week and week after, is just a small price to pay.

Anyone who wants to avoid your doctors after the age of 50 should reconsider. Because you will get talk to very matter-of-a-fact and realize you have done more harm than if you would have just made the original appointments.

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