Trying Something New

At what point are you willing to try a new thing? I spent a weekend going over my results from the multiple doctors. Tests are coming back with possible kidney issues, possible leukemia which a sister has, and then another doctor is going to do an infusion to try and stop surgery on removing my parathyroid. It seems like a lot, but I am usually fighting back, after I get over the fact that I am not as healthy as I would like to be.

This weekend I decided to get myself a new iPhone with a fancy case. Was it worth the money, no. Do I know this, I do. The next thing I did was get sushi and cancel a gym membership I haven’t used.

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Now that part is a problem but at least I have a an elliptical and treadmill home. Next is to get on that dang thing. Today I topped it off with getting on a zoom call with over 70 people to learn about an opportunity. It seems very interesting and will write about it another time, once I try the product out. If it does what it is stating, I might have a way to help both my mood and weight issues.

I think, at least for myself, challenging me from being stagnant and boring. I am excited to meet new people and trying new things. I ordered some samples and when they get here, I will get it posted on my page going from step 1 to step 6. Hoping for positive vibes and I can share my experiences with everyone.

I will be excited for others to share everyone’s ideas of what they have tried that was beyond their original thought process.  

One thought on “Trying Something New

  1. Heath is suck a pain in the a__ once you reach a age the big 40 look like it hits you all at one time. When the doctor start telling you that you have high blood pressure, Debates, you had a stock, you have a unusual heart beat but I will keep a watch on it. Let me tell you all this is super depressing to deal with this everyday. You ask God every night give me one more day to see my kids grow up 🙏🏾🙏🏾


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