Gift Drawing Coming Your Way

I love giveaways, contests, and anything that lets me try new things. I don’t think everyone feels this way but I defiantly think I will see what I can do to give a bit of happiness to my followers and to those wanting to follow me. Now comes the fun part, what to do and how to do it!

Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. on

I was sitting with a friend today who started a work from home business, she designs her own tapestries and has made a name for herself. She just fell into this by having made some for her family and friends. She then posted on Instagram what she has done. The next thing that she saw happening is one person told another and so on. For her it started as a hobby and now it is allowing her to work from home and raise her kids. I think many people are excited when they can create things for others, especially when they are the ones creating the item from scratch. She has been able to grow her base because they are one of a kind, because she has a great number of followers, and because she started out doing giveaways to help spread her gift to those around the world.

Because I am here to share my life stories and to help those with concerns, miss conceptions, and another perspective with mental and physical health. Because of this I will be giving away a surprise item (Will be shared next week). This will be for new followers, and a separate giveaway for those who are already following my blog.

Stay tuned for more details and let your friends and family know, new followers will be submitted into a gift drawing.

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