Saturday Afternoon as a Mimi

Have you ever had the opportunity to enjoy a day at McDonalds play area? Well, let me start off by saying it is an experience I want to do maybe twice a year. Note the maybe, it is a real doubt. I watch as kids much bigger than the young ones climbing through bumping the younger ones. I bite my tongue as I don’t want to upset my grandson. However, I was watching him like a hawk ready to pounce like a lion. He goes up and down as kids running around in such a small space. It had a ripe odor of sweaty unbathed children that made me scared of him coming down with a stench of pee.

Well I had to just watch, knowing if I did say something he would cry, he is 3 after all. Not ready to understand the OCD which is his Mimi. I can’t even eat at a potluck unless I truly know you and have seen you wash your hands after you have gone to the restroom. As I digress, lets get back to the subject at hand. My grandson and McDonalds play area. As he is running around all smiles even as he gets bumped around like a ball in a pinball machine, he doesn’t seem to feel it or he doesn’t really care. I am very overprotective of my family and at some point. I settle down to just seeing a group of silly kids having a good and smelly time. I am sure that other parents and grandparents are thinking in a similar way. We all look at each other, but we don’t say anything, and for me that is unusual, but I never talk to the folks at the kid’s areas.

It took me a little over an hour to get him down and out the door. It is so funny that he is all excited when we go places but when we need to go to the store that is when he has a meltdown.

Funny thing, when we get there, he is excited because he wants cheese balls (big tub of generic “Cheetos.”   

As we went through the store all he talked about was broccoli and cheese balls. Funny kid indeed.

I love my days with my grandson; however, I do have a time limit before he tires me out. At least it wasn’t a day at Chuck e cheese. That makes for a crazy day.

One thought on “Saturday Afternoon as a Mimi

  1. I enjoy when I have time to spend with my folks, friends, or kids on a night or day out…. Sometime I enjoy a night out with me like a ride listening to music just burning up gas to spend in the park. Then it’s days I just want to be by myself, lay in bed and just think about my life.


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