Morning, Noon, or Night?

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on

Because I wake up early to get to work, I find that on weekends I tend to only sleep in for a few extra hours. By noon I am down, not asleep because I work full days but down just the same. I get home knowing bed is calling my name. Then the inevitable happens, I gain the peripheral second wind when it comes to the early weekend. As I become awake, I realize that insomnia is hitting and evening to night is in full swing.

If I was rich and didn’t work 9-5, I would have to say that nights are my go-to time. I like that fact that I can have peace after the kids go to bed and I am in a quite space. This night however, I find myself swirling in thoughts I can’t control. I am on the down swing of an infusion and realize I am exhausted not because I am on a new routine, instead it is because of another try to help my body become strong again.

Not sure what another person’s favorite time is but no matter the time frame everyone seems to be a pro morning, or pro noon, or even pro evening.  

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