Making Joy in All Types of Weather

As I sit here listening to the rain, I don’t get sad I get happy. I love the smell, the sounds, the cool water as it comes down on me like a blanket. In Arizona we don’t get enough rain, trees, grass, and blooming flowers. I have lived all over the world and I would say having four seasons creates different types of joys.

I enjoy the summer for a month or two, but I do love watching the trees turning color, snow drifting across the branches, and then the blooms sprouting up as the spring brings a new day.

I am sharing some of my favorite pictures that depicts joy through mother nature.


Photo by Cole Keister on
Photo by Alena Koval on


Photo by Pixabay on
Photo by Pixabay on


Photo by Jake Colvin on
Photo by Craig Adderley on


Photo by Oleg Magni on
Photo by on
Photo by on

With the year sparking emotions that are hopefully good, think of how mother nature puts a smile on your face!

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