Teens and Smoking

When I was in my teens, I tried a cigarette and was not enticed to do it again. Many of my friends continued to smoke. About a quarter of these individuals are still smoking cigarettes today, 30+ years later. Since the 80’s many doctors and law makers have been creating ads, school lectures, and visits to try and slow down the number of teens taking up cigarettes. The new problem facing teens is flavored vap juice. The beginning of vap juice had many thinking this would be the better choice over cigarettes, not seeing the issues it would create.

Teens lungs and decision-making skills are still being developed. The more they are told not to smoke they push back and want to do it more. A teen is more apt to do what their friends are doing creating a stronger need to pick up a vap pen or a cigarette. Both still causing issues. As more individuals end up in hospitals and doctor offices with lung issues. At this point New York is in the midst of banning flavored juice documenting the damage it is doing to individuals and not having enough data to keep the product on the shelves. These types of bans can ruin the industry. I personally don’t believe the vap juice should be on the market and when it came out I couldn’t understand why people thought it wouldn’t hurt their lungs.

I am glad to see the changes are coming early in the process. I also and very confused as to wanting this item removed but cigarettes are still going strong. The Wall Street Journal has written about the ban, how it is affecting the shop owners, and why the government is willing to stop the sales.

Hundreds of vape shops across New York are scrambling after state health officials last week issued an emergency regulation temporarily banning the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes and nicotine e-liquids. 

The Wall Street Journal Menthol and tobacco-flavored products are still permitted, but store owners now have to stop selling all the other flavors by Oct. 4, or face stiff fines. Public-health officials will also soon consider adding menthol flavors to the ban. On Wednesday, a trade group representing business owners who sell vaping products in New York sued Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state Department of Health, seeking to halt the enforcement of the emergency regulation and asking for it to be annulled because it is “in excess of their constitutional, statutory and administrative authority.” “Our children’s future is at stake. Bring it on,” said a spokesman for Mr. Cuomo.

The ban comes amid a rash of vaping-related illnesses and eight U.S. deaths. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has urged people to stop vaping. It says some people were sickened from vaping a marijuana ingredient called THC, though others were vaping only nicotine products. State health officials said they approved the ban to stem rising rates of e-cigarette use among children. During a radio interview Tuesday, Mr. Cuomo said he would meet with officials in Connecticut and New Jersey to create a regional strategy on vaping products and marijuana. https://www.wsj.com/articles/vape-shops-brace-for-new-yorks-ban-on-flavored-e-cigarettes-11569412800

I hope the ban continues to grow to other states and then start to make a change with cigarettes. We need to watch our children’s health and yes teenagers are still our responsibility to make sure they are making solid decisions.

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