Are You Struggling?

Are you struggling throughout the day? Do you find that you can’t get up and be a motivated human? Is your body or mind struggling in every day to day tasks? Today, I have another migraine driving me to not get up and exercise, because of this I am depressed about who I am, what I am or am not doing, and I feel my body growing and I am uncomfortable.

I sit and think about what I should be doing, that I no longer want to go out and be with friends on the weekend. Everything that we do as humans is to grow and be connected to others, when I am this way, I make it to work and a few words to the kids, but other than that I am in solitude. I know this isn’t healthy and I know that I can do better. All I want to do is jump up and be happy, get on the phone and call my friends. Who should I call? I really have no idea because I have created a cocoon around myself so I can’t be hurt by anyone. This creates a cycle of depression.

Some days are great but then after a while I do it all over again. The worst part about the seclusion is gaining migraines and the weight. If you to are struggling, find a way to do one thing a day. Every day move to have another thing. Day 1 do one thing, day 2 do two things, and so on. For Day 1 I have decided to make cookies. That sounds great, right? After 2 different types and a couple of hours later, I am staring at bags of cookies. 4 bags to be exact. I made almost 100 cookies and have only 1 grandson who is able to eat cookies. Looks like my kids will be munching down on cookies too. I end up eating cookie dough as I cook, just like I can plop a piece of raw potato in my mouth when it comes to making mashed potatoes. All this cooking sounds great, but now I am even more bloated than I was when I walked into the kitchen.

To answer my posing question, yes, I am struggling.

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