Your Pet Will Change Your Mood

Nia is my current pet; I have had her since she was 6 weeks old and I am her person. She is a bit nuts and possessive. I am on the market for a dog trainer, even though I have taken her through puppy training she needs a personality trainer. Not sure what they are called but she needs to be calmer when others are around me including the other dogs in our house. No matter what, Nia helps me with my mood, when I am feeling sick, and she just is always there as my best friend. Amazing we can call our pets our best friends.

Pets spend their life with us being our companion and dogs always want to please us. My dog follows me everywhere and I don’t seem to be able to escape her. However, I like having a pet want to be around me, she keeps me calm and helps me when PTSD, depression, or anxiety hits.

I have always been around pets, my parents always had them around. My mom was an avid cat lover while my father loved both cats and dogs.

Dogs have the innate ability to understand many words that we say and even more importantly they are in tune with the tone our voice, our behaviors, and can sense our moods. Therefore hospitals, VA hospitals, rehabilitation centers, some prisons, and assisted living homes plans have dogs and sometimes cats come to comfort the people in the facilities. The fact that they can help with moods and can increase happiness, and mental and physical health.

Outside of a typical cat or dog there are other animals and people that find them as their comfort. Now we can’t have an elephant in our back yard but if you go to Thailand you can enjoy their connection and empathy they have with humans. Outside of a large animal such as an elephant some animals people have in their homes are horses, pigs, reptiles, and pretty much any other domesticated animal. It is amazing that people can be closer to an animal than they can to another human. talks about why these animals make such an impact on our lives.

Studies have found that:

•Pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those without pets.

•People with pets have lower blood pressure in stressful situations than those without pets. One study even found that when people with borderline hypertension adopted dogs from a shelter, their blood pressure declined significantly within five months.

•Playing with a dog or cat can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which calm and relax.

•Pet owners have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels (indicators of heart disease) than those without pets.

•Heart attack patients with pets survive longer than those without.

•Pet owners over age 65 make 30 percent fewer visits to their doctors than those without pets.

•While people with pets often experience the greatest health benefits, a pet doesn’t necessarily have to be a dog or a cat. Even watching fish in an aquarium can help reduce muscle tension and lower pulse rate.

One of the reasons for these therapeutic effects is that pets fulfill the basic human need for touch. Even hardened criminals in prison show long-term changes in their behavior after interacting with pets, many of them experiencing mutual affection for the first time. Stroking, hugging, or otherwise touching a loving animal can rapidly calm and soothe you when you’re stressed or anxious. The companionship of a pet can also ease loneliness, and most dogs are a great stimulus for healthy exercise, which can substantially boost your mood and ease depression.

No matter the reason we have animals it is always great to see faces of others snuggling up to a furry, and sometimes not furry, pet. Nia is my furry friend and I believe if you have a pet you can be less stressed and help with your mental and physical health.

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