Saturday Afternoon as a Mimi

Have you ever had the opportunity to enjoy a day at McDonalds play area? Well, let me start off by saying it is an experience I want to do maybe twice a year. Note the maybe, it is a real doubt. I watch as kids much bigger than the young ones climbing through bumping the younger ones. I bite my tongue as I don’t want to upset my grandson. However, I was watching him like a hawk ready to pounce like a lion. He goes up and down as kids running around in such a small space. It had a ripe odor of sweaty unbathed children that made me scared of him coming down with a stench of pee.

Well I had to just watch, knowing if I did say something he would cry, he is 3 after all. Not ready to understand the OCD which is his Mimi. I can’t even eat at a potluck unless I truly know you and have seen you wash your hands after you have gone to the restroom. As I digress, lets get back to the subject at hand. My grandson and McDonalds play area. As he is running around all smiles even as he gets bumped around like a ball in a pinball machine, he doesn’t seem to feel it or he doesn’t really care. I am very overprotective of my family and at some point. I settle down to just seeing a group of silly kids having a good and smelly time. I am sure that other parents and grandparents are thinking in a similar way. We all look at each other, but we don’t say anything, and for me that is unusual, but I never talk to the folks at the kid’s areas.

It took me a little over an hour to get him down and out the door. It is so funny that he is all excited when we go places but when we need to go to the store that is when he has a meltdown.

Funny thing, when we get there, he is excited because he wants cheese balls (big tub of generic “Cheetos.”   

As we went through the store all he talked about was broccoli and cheese balls. Funny kid indeed.

I love my days with my grandson; however, I do have a time limit before he tires me out. At least it wasn’t a day at Chuck e cheese. That makes for a crazy day.

Gift Drawing Coming Your Way

I love giveaways, contests, and anything that lets me try new things. I don’t think everyone feels this way but I defiantly think I will see what I can do to give a bit of happiness to my followers and to those wanting to follow me. Now comes the fun part, what to do and how to do it!

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I was sitting with a friend today who started a work from home business, she designs her own tapestries and has made a name for herself. She just fell into this by having made some for her family and friends. She then posted on Instagram what she has done. The next thing that she saw happening is one person told another and so on. For her it started as a hobby and now it is allowing her to work from home and raise her kids. I think many people are excited when they can create things for others, especially when they are the ones creating the item from scratch. She has been able to grow her base because they are one of a kind, because she has a great number of followers, and because she started out doing giveaways to help spread her gift to those around the world.

Because I am here to share my life stories and to help those with concerns, miss conceptions, and another perspective with mental and physical health. Because of this I will be giving away a surprise item (Will be shared next week). This will be for new followers, and a separate giveaway for those who are already following my blog.

Stay tuned for more details and let your friends and family know, new followers will be submitted into a gift drawing.

Trying Something New

At what point are you willing to try a new thing? I spent a weekend going over my results from the multiple doctors. Tests are coming back with possible kidney issues, possible leukemia which a sister has, and then another doctor is going to do an infusion to try and stop surgery on removing my parathyroid. It seems like a lot, but I am usually fighting back, after I get over the fact that I am not as healthy as I would like to be.

This weekend I decided to get myself a new iPhone with a fancy case. Was it worth the money, no. Do I know this, I do. The next thing I did was get sushi and cancel a gym membership I haven’t used.

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Now that part is a problem but at least I have a an elliptical and treadmill home. Next is to get on that dang thing. Today I topped it off with getting on a zoom call with over 70 people to learn about an opportunity. It seems very interesting and will write about it another time, once I try the product out. If it does what it is stating, I might have a way to help both my mood and weight issues.

I think, at least for myself, challenging me from being stagnant and boring. I am excited to meet new people and trying new things. I ordered some samples and when they get here, I will get it posted on my page going from step 1 to step 6. Hoping for positive vibes and I can share my experiences with everyone.

I will be excited for others to share everyone’s ideas of what they have tried that was beyond their original thought process.  

Singing Until the Cows Come Home

Who sings? Well, I can’t sing a lick. I try and then I shiver if I think anyone has heard me. I turn up the music, sing up a storm, and it sounds great in my own ears. I am intrigued to know how many people in our big world can carry a tune. To me, I am pretty sure there are more shower & car singers than the real deal. I would say the real deal are the ones who can belt out a tune knowing that if they played it back would either laugh or hide under a blanket.

So, what is my idea of good music, one might ask. Anything with a good beat and vocals. I am not a true hard rap or screaming rock gal. Pull up a good classic rock, a great R and B, or even a bit of country. I can even say I enjoy Jazz, Pop Rock, and even some classical.

Always curious as to why someone picks a style and what it means? I was raised on classical. When I was an early teen, I was all about classic rock. The rock side was developed from high school. My friends weren’t in clicks, we were brought together by our own walk.

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What caused me to move into the R and B world? Prince, Andre Simone, Jacksons, Michael Jackson, and so many more. This has developed into a true love with the 70’s and 90’s is my true joy. How interesting I decided to say country. This is a new endeavor.

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I find that the words and what the meanings stand for hit home for me. This leaves me with the idea of why the music industry isn’t crossing over more. That might seem taboo, but I am okay with it.

If you want to leave a comment leave it with a genre or a group, you would sing to until the cows come home.

Someone Else’s Life

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Have you ever dreamed to live someone else’s life? I must say I have throughout my life. As a child I was able to travel the world with my parents, but we moved all the time. My dad was a fighter pilot and we moved in Japan, Europe, and state side. Because of this I was around adults more than kids, I was trying to get new friends every stop. As an adult, I have moved 16 times in 36 years, and I have had my kids move 7 times in the past 24 years. Lucky enough for my kids during their school years they only moved within 2 states and lived in the same neighborhoods, so they were around their same friends.

Looking at this pattern of out of sight out of mind I tend to wonder how much better it would be to have lived in one place growing up, I have lifelong friends. Maybe, I would have more adult friends because I would be able to have long friendships rather than not care if I don’t talk to someone. It causes me to have the ability to break away from someone who has wronged me rather than find a way to resolve the conflict.

I look at families that seem to have it all, the parents have lifelong friends, the kids grow up and have lifelong friends, and they all get together for those huge parties in the summer. Then I wonder how happy are they? Do they have problems I can’t comprehend because I don’t have these types of memories and behaviors? I think how great some people I know are, on the exterior, then later find out about their family behind the four walls. Nothing like the picture they paint. Then I wonder who really has it better?

I would like to put together a fairytale life, but we can’t ever have that. At the end of the day I must be happy with how I live and maybe I am in the better boat.

Dealing With a Stomach Virus With Autoimmune Disease

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The idea of a common cold or stomach virus makes me cringe. The reason being I have several areas that has created a mass issue with my autoimmune system.

Immune system disorders cause abnormally low activity or over activity of the immune system. In cases of immune system over activity, the body attacks and damages its own tissues (autoimmune diseases). Immune deficiency diseases decrease the body’s ability to fight invaders, causing vulnerability to infections.

I am always hiding from those at work who come in sick. It makes me crazy because 1 day for them is 2-5 days for me. When I got home of Friday, I felt weak and went to bed very early, hoping that I would feel better in the morning because I promised my grandson a movie and Chuck E Cheese after. Waking up Saturday I felt a tad bit worse with stomach cramps. I was worried that my Colitis was starting to act up. This is always an issue because at this point, I must know where all the restrooms are and how much pain I am going to have with my stomach.

Before I discuss the stomach virus, I would like to add that my autoimmune disease is combined with Colitis and a few other diseases: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, Severe Osteoporosis, and Heart disease.

Some other autoimmune diseases are as follows:  Systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus), Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Type 1 diabetes mellitus, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, Psoriasis, Graves’ disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Myasthenia gravis, and Vasculitis.

With these issues many people have issues with basic germs others think is just some sniffles they will go away. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. With my stomach that started on Friday by Sunday I was in the thralls of stomach issues that had me double over, constantly going to the restroom, and feeling like I was having a heart attack. I now know the symptoms and don’t pick up the phone, but they are overwhelming non the less. This lasted well into this morning and caused me to come home by noon.

The way I deal with my diseases is to try to take preemptive measures. There are times that I am not able to be proactive but reactive. Colitis is one of those reactive measures. Eating has changed for me I will not eat anything spicy or with acidic. As I sit here talking about these challenges, I am wishing the pain would subside.

If you have any autoimmune diseases know you are not alone, make sure you see your doctor to come up with the appropriate plan. Being aware of what you have is half of the battle, the other is to take care of yourself. Getting old can be a pain but it can also be great if we don’t let our body call all the shots!

In Order to be Happy Can You Do It Alone or Do You need to be With Others?

At times I sit around my house, after cleaning, cooking, and doing a bit of binge watching a favorite series. This weekend it was Mayans M.C. and I just got hooked. After it was all said and done, I sat here wondering why I don’t have special one, or at the very least allow a special someone in my life. Am I so stuck in my ways that I don’t need anyone? As my kids become adults, I realize that they are starting their own families and when they aren’t around, I will be alone. Can I survive alone? Can I create happiness alone? Do I need to let my guard down and start to be more willing to let others into my life?

My generation has been endowed with more women that men, thus creating a shortage of men that will be available, faithful, and basically my type. After I find that pool of eligible bachelors, I then must look at the fact that most of them believe it is important to have a woman that is younger than them by at least half their age. It isn’t that I haven’t been approached by someone younger, I just want someone in the age bracket of no more than 4-5 years either direction. I don’t want to date someone my kids age.

Happy by myself for no or ever will be determined who comes into my life. I was raised to move from place to place, as my dad was an Airforce Pilot. I have found being close to any, friends, a lover, or some family was easy to move away from and not bat a second eye. Then there are some who I spend time away from but still have in my life. Outside of my children I never had family or friends that I had to talk to daily. I think it would be great to have some folks to talk to, text, hand out with, email or even the old fashion mail. I think I can do that, but I never actually follow through. Funny how things on the other side seems so much better, as the adage goes, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  

For those that need to always be around someone, I do know people that need this ever need for human interaction. People I know would rather been with another even if they are unhappy. I have some friends that need to be in relationships that they will go from one to another because they feel lost or depressed without. Am I in agreement? I don’t understand this, but it doesn’t mean it is wrong. I think they will have a better chance on living longer, if these are healthy relationships.

I guess after all of this, I am happy, for the most part, being alone, however, I think I can be just as happy with another. I will try to stay in contact with family and friends, but my dogs and kids do take my time away from picking up the phone. Hmmm, that could just be an excuse, but I live by it. How about the rest of you?