Damn this Thyroid of Mine!

Up until I was in my late 40’s I was considered to have hyperthyroidism, however, I am now dealing with hypothyroidism. I have medication that I have to take. The problem is I don’t go to the doctors like I should. I must now get a doctor appointment to refill my prescription and anyone that knows me understands that I do not like the doctors. I have had to see them more than not through out my life. I will say I am making an appointment because now I am exhausted to just be up. Having a pacemaker because my heart rates drops to the low 30’s with a very low blood pressure I am just setting myself up to be back in the hospital. If anyone has noticed throughout my posts, I am very hardheaded and want to do what I want to do on my time. Which includes making decisions with my body, even as it fights back.

Let me talk about the differences first.

With hyperthyroidism you can have shaky fingers when extended, warm and moist skin, overactive reflexes, and eye concerns.

Based on Endocrinweb.com, some of the common tests used to diagnose hyperthyroidism

•Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) produced by the pituitary will be decreased in hyperthyroidism..

•Thyroid hormones themselves (T3, T4) will be increased.

•Iodine thyroid scan will show if the cause is a single nodule or the whole gland.

With hypothyroidism you can be lethargic, can’t lose, weight, have cold feet and hands, and have mood issues.

Based on Mayoclinic.org, Hypothyroidism signs and symptoms may include: •Fatigue

•Increased sensitivity to cold


•Dry skin

•Weight gain

•Puffy face


•Muscle weakness

The biggest issue is to have either hyper or hypothyroidism. With out taking the right precautions and dependent on the TH levels you could become sick or more importantly effect other parts of your body. It is amazing that such a small gland within your throat can affect your heart, eyes, brain, and many other areas.

I have given a small rundown of why I am talking about thyroid issues, some things that happen and what to look for, if you want to make an appointment you can always try (in some US states and I am not sure Internationally) your local doctor, the Mayo clinic and Kaiser Permanente. With international people viewing this post, check with a local doctor. Remember there are always similar signs that might lead to something else or absolutely nothing.

I can only suggest having yourself diagnosed. Now, I get to crash because staying awake is just too difficult with my thyroid being out of whack. I will post when I get the medication. Actually, I am sure everyone will know because I will be posting some upbeat information and thoughts.

Having Words of Encouragement Through Menem’s

Do you ever find yourself searching the internet for truth, help, encouragement? I completely understand this, we seems to be a world of quick fixes. I think this blog will be pictures of meme’s that I have sent to others and I have kept for the pick-me-up I need every once in awhile. Making my Sunday a sharing fun day.   

Creating a life of joy

Feelings can be a fickle thing, boy oh boy mine make it a habit to be as fickle as they come. I mean really I laugh at the silliest things that others raise an eyebrow. I mean watch out if I trip over the carpet I might pee my pants but tell a joke that others are laughing hysterically, probably won’t hear a chuckle. The joy I create is a bit of the odd duck syndrome. Loving my differences takes a lot but it is my joy

I am trying to achieve. I think letting another decide my joy and when I should bust a gut just isn’t going to ever be me. Is it my past? Could it be my life’s trials and tribulations? Naw, it is because I have never been a person that fits into the box. If I don’t challenge the status quo I wouldn’t be me. Creating my joy is just that my joy! I say be who you want to be… wear those polka-a-dotted rain boots and run throttle puddles, it’s okay to be a bit goofy, crazy, and funny!